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choosing a COURSE

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Finding your best fit! 

With so many courses and universities to choose from, deciding where and what to study abroad can be a daunting task.

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Timelines & budgets

Understanding how much a course will cost and the budget you need to plan on your
education are significant factors in choosing where to study.

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Whatta campus life!

Students have varied preferences; some excel on bustling city campuses, while others prefer quieter, rural settings. You might value cultural diversity or a robust selection of clubs and societies.

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Any dream goals?

Once you decide on the course of your dreams, we’ll help you shortlist the perfect destination and educational institution for you.

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What scholarships?

Financing one’s international education can be quite a concern, but there are numerous scholarships available for students. Your counsellor can help you look for these options!

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We Gotcha’ !

Your counsellor will help with you with course application documents, compile your applications, certify supporting documents and application set in order!

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Application Assessment

Typically, universities and institutions take between 3-7 weeks to respond after you submit your application. Should they accept you into a course, you will receive an offer letter.

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Ready, Get Set GO!

If your offer letter is unconditional, meaning it has no requirements that you need to fulfill, you can accept it right away. Conditional aspects of an offer might include the need for a new IELTS test result, an academic transcript from recent studies, or specific certified documents.

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