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Have you done your Research?

Make sure to do thorough research!


Explore different courses, universities, and their locations thoroughly. Review the teaching modules, research opportunities, campus life, and job prospects before finalizing your choices. Consult people in your network or contact university alumni for broader insights.


Using networking platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn can make this process more efficient. Do give a considerable attention to your budget and any academic scholarships you might be eligible for, as part of your research.


We know that researching can be a tiring task, but we're here to assist. Get in touch with one of our Global Education Advocates complimentary counseling session, and we will help guide you towards your career path.

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Speak with our Global Education Advocates!

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Once you’re ready to make move in this direction, reach out to our education advocates  here.   Our counselors have over a decade experience, both personally and professionally in studying at esteemed institutions with well-connected alumni network and great work profiles.

Check your aspirations list and course preferences to set your appointment as a starting point!

Your counselor will work through all the details to ensure the best possible fit between you, your future university and your area of study.

Craft your Application!

Once you have shortlisted your course preference(s) and the universities you want to apply to - it’s time for you to put your best effort forward in crafting your application!

Our team will help you in crafting your application and will support you throughout the application process. We take our job of getting you through your preferred college / university quite seriously by following the legal and ethical standards required at the time of application.

Reach out to us and book a complimentary counselling session with our team  here .

Yay! You are Selected!

Upon receipt of your application, the university or college will conduct a detailed review  and inform you of their decision.  The processing  time for  your  application  may  vary, typically  taking  a  few  weeks,   and potentially longer for postgraduate programmes.

Should your application  be accepted,  you will be sent an offer  letter along with an acceptance  form. It  is important to  review  this offer meticulously with your counselor to identify any stipulations that might be included.

In cases, where you are accepted into multiple courses or schools, our team will assist you in selecting the most suitable option.

Selected, now what about your VISA?

Once you have accepted the offer  letter,  the next critical  step is to apply  for  your student  visa.  Given that  each  country  has  specific requirements,  our  Global  Education   Advocate   will assist  you with  the visa application process and help you gather the necessary documents for your submission.

Click here  to see the visa checklist.

Here are the top document requirements for a student visa process:

  • Evidence of enrollment in a recognised educational institution

  • Residence permit applications (it varies by the country)

  • Evidence of language certification (if needed) Evidence of parental/guardian consent (if under 18)

  • Evidence  of funding (your capacity  to  cover  the cost  involved in studying and sustaining abroad)

  • Passport size photographs

  • Copy of the current passport

  • Vaccination results (if required, it varies by the country)

Figure out where you’ll Live!

Book your Flights!

Ready, Set, Go!

Congratulations – you’re off to a huge  adventure. There will be many minute, yet important to-do things you need  to consider before  flying overseas for which your will guide  your way. This will include  matters such as exchanging money, insurance, accommodation, international communication, opening  a bank account, country rules and adapting to new culture.

We support students with pre-departure sessions throughout the year to help prepare you with our student life in your new country!

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