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Why Study in Australia

There are around 80 institutes in Australia offering higher education in the field of architecture. Four of the Australian universities rank within the top 50 best universities for architecture, while 10 ranks in the top 100 as per QS Rankings.  Each year approximately 7000 new students are enrolled in either Bachelor's or Master's level of architecture courses. The various perks of studying in Australia and pursuing an architectural program are:

  • With a basic degree in architecture from Top Architecture Colleges in Australia, a candidate can earn 60,800 AUD (minimum) and higher degrees can make it around 100,000 AUD.

  • Another benefit is that with an experience of just 1-2 years, there will be 32% higher pay compared to the fresher.

  • Architects Accreditation Council of Australia Reports that around 13,000 enterprises employ 40,000 architects in Australia and to register the aspiring student is required to have a Master's in architecture in Australia from a recognized college. 

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